November 5, 2020

Joanne Duklas requested to serve on the TAICEP President’s Strategic Planning Task Force

DCC Inc. is pleased to announce that Joanne Duklas, president, has been asked to serve on the President’s Strategic Planning Task Force of The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals®. TAICEP is an international professional association that supports and serves the profession of international credential evaluation. This Task Force involved experts from across the globe who worked together to reconsider TAICEP’s strategic mission, vision, values and goals. It completed its work in February 2021 with the tabling of a new, recommended way forward for consideration and approval by the TAICEP governing board.

“I was honoured to be asked by TAICEP to serve on the President’s Strategic Planning Task Force,” says Joanne. “This organization is an important participant in the international credential assessment community. The Task Force represented a timely opportunity for us to work together and help TAICEP sharpen its focus, mission and goals. Its an organization that does a great deal to support the actual experts who do so much on a daily basis to advance learner access and mobility.”

Joanne began her higher education career in the early 90’s as a manager responsible for international recruitment. As a young and at times pregnant mother, Joanne was travelling around the world helping to support bringing international students to Canada to study. Her career evolved over time to being the Associate Director of the first international recruitment and admissions operation in Canada, an initiative that won York University an AUCC (now Universities Canada) internationalization award. Fast forward to the early 2000s and Joanne joined the York University Registrar’s Office as the registrarial lead with, among many other areas, oversight over credential audit for international exchange and study abroad. When Joanne finished her time within the institution as registrar and assistant vice president of enrollment management, she was overseeing all of domestic and international admissions, recruitment, credential audit for international exchange, registration, financial services, and more. In her role as registrar, she also contributed to policy, systems and other many areas to support advancement of supports for international students. 

by Maya Hardy