Our Story

Joanne Duklas, the owner of Duklas Cornerstone Consulting Inc., began the firm with a desire to focus on helping institutions and organizations achieve three outcomes:

  1. better supports for mobile post-secondary students;
  2. stronger capacities within and across institutions and organizations;
  3. enhanced service quality.

The team at Duklas Cornerstone Consulting Inc. seeks to achieve the above by focusing on research and consulting projects that help support higher education and student transfer, mobility, and success.

Our Approach

Building Capacity One Step at a Time

At Duklas Cornerstone Consulting Inc., we work directly with you to create a customized research and consulting plan. We identify your needs, develop a proposal for moving forward, collect the evidence through customized interviews, surveys, and research, and provide recommendations and deliverables to help you move your change priorities forward.

Our focus remains on you and your students.

Meet Joanne

Founder, Duklas Cornerstone Consulting Inc.

Award winning and acknowledged formally by the higher education community, Joanne offers expertise in large-scale research and consultation projects in addition to institutionally specific projects.

She is supported by a team of experts who bring to the table decades of expertise leading small and large teams in post-secondary education.

Together they make change happen.

Joanne Duklas biography image

Joanne Duklas, MBA


Next Steps...

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