March 21, 2021

Digital Transformation for Student Data Portability Through Internet of Education (IoE) for “The 7th Asian Conference on Education and International Development (ACEID)”

Joanne Duklas was pleased to represent the Canadian higher education community at the 2021 International Asian Conference on Education and International Development. She along with counterparts from around the world provided expert insights on the activities occurring in the document digitization space in Canada, Australia and Japan. This type of outreach is essential for supporting quality assured assessment. Trusted credential depositories and networks like the ARUCC MyCreds™ which provides official documents to learners through virtual digital wallets, are critical to ensuring quality in higher education. This is particularly important in light of the increase in document fraud. Diligent assessment practices for access to post-secondary studies, regulatory bodies and employment are assured when documents come from trusted sources. Joanne was pleased to provide her expertise to an international audience of experts in higher education.

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by Maya Hardy