October 30, 2023

DCC Organizes & Delivers Groningen Declaration Network’s Annual Meeting

DCC is proud to have led the organization and delivery of the international digitization conference for the Groningen Declaration Network’s annual October meeting in Jordan. Joanne Duklas, DCC’s founder, serves as the executive director of the GDN, which is an international network dedicated to advancing learner mobility worldwide through academic document and data mobility.
Kudos goes to the DCC team including Joanne, Sybil Massey, and Aidan Hardy, the GDN support person and web designer, Ton van der Marck, the events manager, Karen Hanna, the GDN board, our local hosts and support team on the ground, and all the wonderful GDN volunteers, patrons and sponsors. The DCC team under Joanne’s leadership delivered many of the promotional videos and marketing for the event including the featured Jordan video, website content, the program development, and the overall conference development and delivery on the ground.
The convening was a resounding success and builds on the Singapore regional meeting that the entire team delivered in April 2023. Together, we are helping organizations in the GDN network move the needle on international mobility and access.

by Gina Preston