July 14, 2021

Groningen Declaration Network Position Statement on Micro-credentials

DCC Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Groningen Declaration Network’s position statement for the European Commission’s definition for micro-credentials. Our president, Joanne Duklas, served as co-editor of this work as part of her continuing volunteer efforts to support global learner mobility. The statement amplifies the importance of ensuring learner autonomy, trust, a focus on learning outcomes, interoperability, and portability when considering micro-credentials. It was submitted by the GDN in response to the Commission’s invitation to participate in their consultation process for establishing a European definition for micro-credentials.

“These five dimensions – learner autonomy, trust, a focus on learner outcomes, interoperability, and portability – represent core elements to ensure micro-credentials secure their place in the credentialing ecosystem,” says Joanne. “It is an honour to be asked to contribute to supporting broader learner access, control, and mobility for citizens worldwide by supporting the EU in its efforts to capture a global perspective on this credential.”

by Maya Hardy