January 10, 2021

Supporting the regulatory teachers’ organizations and the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada with improving supports for learners

From June 2019 to spring 2020, the DCC inc. team supported the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada with a national scale project that examined the potential for alignment between regulatory bodies’ practices and frameworks for international credential assessment. The project, funded in part by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) through CMEC sought to explore the potential for creating a national application centre to support inbound international credential evaluation. The entire project’s underlying intentions where informed by Canada’s commitment to the Lisbon Recognition Convention, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, and a commitment to providing barrier free supports for international applicants seeking to teach within Canada.

Joanne Duklas led the DCC Inc. team’s overall contributions to the project and provided policy guidance and intervening support to aid the teaching regulatory working group with its identification, review, and adoption of recommendations to advance prioritized focus on those considerations that should inform the creation of the application centre. In this role, her intervening support also include exploring the dimensions of policy and practices and concepts such as substantial equivalence and non-substantial differences, core considerations in the Lisbon Recognition Convention.

Paolo Errore as part of his support to DCC Inc. for this project provided expert guidance on database requirements to inform the creation of a future website and support tools for the new application centre. Nathalie Girardin of DCC Inc. provided her expertise as a registrarial expert who has led admissions areas and system projects. Other team members supporting this project included Karen Bennett and Anna Foshay. Karen was a former vice president of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and a former teacher. She brought a strategic and policy lens to the project. 

The DCC Inc. team was proud to support CMEC and the regulatory teachers’ bodies across Canada with developing better supports for international applicants wishing to become teachers in Canada. 

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by Maya Hardy